And so, the last post of this year. At the northern border, chilly, the wind is blowing.

Periods of time set out by the revolutions of an average planet around an average star at the outskirts of an average galaxy, using an absolutely arbitrary moment in the history of the world as a starting point for the calculations, cannot supposedly have any significance from the universal point of view. But if in the world, as described by the theories currently endorsed, the issue of simultaneity does not exist on one hand (because time flows differently in different places), and on the other hand the localities can be distinguished (because information travels at a limited speed), then perhaps these numbers of subsequent cycles of the Earth’s path around the Sun do mean something. Maybe the astrologers and numerologists are on to something?

Gravity might be the key here. All these spatial and temporal features of the world are related to it. They result from it (or vice versa). How we understand the world and ourselves in it, as people, also has a direct, close relationship with gravity. Simone Weil talks about it in an interesting way. So does Rilke. Douglas Adams does so as well, interestingly all the same.

Lem, too. The transformation of the Girl into the Mantis is in no small part manifested by overcoming gravity. As the Girl, the heroine is unnaturally heavy. When she steps on the soft ground in the garden, she sinks deeper in the ground than she should; she must hide this from her lover. She is beautiful, but her weight limits her grace. She can move smoothly, but only within certain limits – conventions, you might say. After the transformation – liberation, her full grace is revealed. Gravity is no longer a limitation; rather, it provides an environment, a level of resistance of reality adequate for the realisation of her entire physical potential. Even though she cannot fly, the Mantis can float through the air at high speed, in any terrain, confidently finding support for her limbs on the ground, whatever the inclination or hardness. She is finding fulfilment in the new body, outside the categories of good and evil, although she is still aware of them.

42 – the ultimate answer. The breakthrough. We’ll see. I wish everyone all the best for this upcoming revolution and the subsequent ones.