music for spectacle (2021-2022)

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Bull is the second, after Humility, dramatic text by Szczepan Twardoch, author of bestselling novels, including The King, Morphine and Drach. The hero of the monodrama is Robert Mamok who struggles with his class and ethnic identity, in two languages: Polish and Silesian. Witness a man in crisis: he grapples with his blame and weaknesses, balances his successes and failures, confronts the weight of the family secret, the burden of a harsh Silesian upbringing, despair, anger and bitterness.

The show was premiered in 2022 in Studio Theatre in Warsaw, Korez Theatre in Katowice and Łaźnia Nova Theatre in Kraków.

TEXT: Szczepan Twardoch
STAGE DIRECTION: Szczepan Twardoch i Robert Talarczyk


Fundacja Teatru Śląskiego „Wyspiański”
Teatr Łaźnia Nowa
Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego

PARTNER: Teatr Korez

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