Little Partita

for violin and piano (2010)

  • Fragment
Performers: Piotr Pławner, Eugeniusz Knapik

In the history of music, a partita is defined as a multi-movement suite of stylized dances. Nowadays, in works under this name, the emphasis is on multi-movement. In this piece, on the contrary, the dance aspect is emphasized. The piece is dedicated to Andżela, Justyna, Monia, Karo, Pati, Sandra and Sylwia.

The composition was created at the turn of 2009/2010 with Piotr Pławner and Eugeniusz Knapik in mind as performers.

Performance history:
PREMIERE: May 13, 2010; Piotr Pławner (vn), Eugeniusz Knapik (pno); 27th Musica Polonica Nova Festival; Concert Hall of the Wrocław Philharmonic

October 22, 2011; Piotr Pławner (vn), Piotr Sałajczyk (pfte); Concert Hall of the State Music School in Radzyń Podlaski; 28. Karol Lipiński Days

January 12, 2012; Piotr Pławner (vn), Piotr Sałajczyk (pfte); Concert Hall of the POSM in Bielsko-Biała

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