for cello and piano (2010)

  • Fragment
Performers: Magdalena Bojanowicz, Agnieszka Kozło

Undertow - subsurface water movement created during the arrival of a wave, having the opposite direction to the wave movement. Such a current can be tricky.

The composition was created in 2010 on commission of the Foundation for the Promotion of Young Cellists, as a compulsory piece in the 8th "Witold Lutosławski" International Cello Competition.

Performance history:
PREMIERE: February 7-8, 2011; Beatriz BLANCO, Magdalena BOJANOWICZ, Tomasz DAROCH, Léonard FREY-MAIBACH, Hans Kristian GOLDSTEIN, Benjamin GREGOR-SMITH, Moisés LEE CHEON, Hee-Young LIM, Luca MAGARIELLO, Mikhail NEMTSOV, Angela PARK, Dominik PŁOCIŃSKI, Louis STEVIŃSKI, LUXURY ST. Sayaka Selina STUDER, Anne Yumino WEBER; Stage 2 of the 8th International Cello Competition W. Lutosławski; Chamber Hall of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw

5.12.2020; Frant Duo (Joanna Galon-Frant, Łukasz Frant); Festiwal Nowe Fale w Gdańsku

8.12.2020; Frant Duo (Joanna Galon-Frant, Łukasz Frant); Śląskie Dni Muzyki Współczesnej

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