I’ve closed the text of the libretto. It is not yet the final version, but I’m almost there. What was supposed to be said – was said; what was supposed to happen – happened, or at least implied. The ending, on the other hand, resisted terribly. It was like trying to roll some giant boulder, being one last metre away from the goal, and the boulder wouldn’t budge. As if it got stuck in some hole and I didn’t have enough strength to push it out of it. I tried to rock it,using fancy levers at first, and then simply pushing on it using my body weight to do it, and it was just, just beginning to roll – but it would always settle back down into the hole. Well, I managed to roll it out, and I rolled it where I wanted it to go.


After regaining my breath, I experienced a moment of doubt whether the boulder ended up in the right place, but the fates smiled on me and gave me a surprise – a sign that yes, it is where it was supposed to be. Namely, I came across a previously unknown masterpiece of Czech cinema, telling a story of a cat that wears glasses and reveals the truth about people by giving them bright colours when removing glasses from the cat’s nose. With a love story in the background, too. This is exactly what I needed to calm down. Thank you so much.


Now comes the music. But, truth be told, music somehow got arranged in parallel to the text. So, now comes the score.


(transl. Magdalena Małek-Andrzejowska)