The drama is settling down and slowly coming to a close. Every step of the way I ask myself whether I’m sure it’s shaping up and heading towards the end in the right way, and the issue is not quite so simple, because it seems to me that the question about the drama seems to be the essence here on its own – of a novel, and surely of a libretto. The issue is about the lack of drama. The question about drama is the question about the right to self-determination and to freedom. The character breaks out of the narrative and illustration, peels away the layers of paint in symbolic colours and stands naked before herself. But she will not be naked in front of everyone – she will clothe herself at once, in her own discretion and to fit her own purposes. She will wear new colours, whose meanings she is aware of, she will play. The game. Finally.


Meanwhile, I’m back at Warsaw’s Grand Theatre for the first time in twelve years and I’m wandering through the corridors in the backstage. As I’m turning 43.

(transl. Magdalena Małek-Andrzejowska)