I don't know if the end of Things or some other factors were the cause, but I was pretty lifeless the entire week last week. I sat down and couldn’t quite get up, and when I absolutely had to, I trudged along heavily, stumbling every now and then. It was hard to breathe and I was somehow uncomfortable. Something was off. The week has passed, and I start to look into the next one a little more cheerfully. I try to avoid looking further ahead, for a little while longer. A tiny little while longer.


I went to the forest and I found a weird net. A giant spider web, stretched between two trees. It must’ve been woven by a giant spider, trying to catch a giant fly. I waited a long time for one or the other to appear. I wanted to see a battle of giants. However, no one turned up, so I went back home and fell asleep.


(transl. Magdalena Małek-Andrzejowska)