I am in limbo. Again. Something isn’t right, things aren't working as they should, as I’d like them to. It feels as if something became a little too dependent on conditions that are not necessarily conducive to what I think should be the priority. Something has been worn down and needs renovating. Taking stock. In any case, I can't say anything about the future of Things. If I keep writing. If yes, whether they will make it to a premiere, when, and where. Stuff like this didn't stop me in the past. Maybe it won’t stop me now either, but I have to think about it and assess the powers.


I’m looking out of the castle window. I can see a glow in the sky. It might be the sunrise, but it also might be the sunset. I refuse to see it in terms of setting down. It sickens me and annoys me. That supposedly it’s the insightful people who can see the sunset, and it's the naive fools who can see the sunrise. Bullshit. I’ll be standing here, believing I’m looking at a sunrise. I’ll welcome whatever appears. Although glow in the east never heralds something good. However, some storms cannot be avoided. It's better to spend them on the high seas. Let them carry you wherever they blow, and then correct the course. Or to the depths be damned.


(transl. Magdalena Małek-Andrzejowska)