Music for the Railrodder

for violin, clarinet, percussion and piano (2016)

The piece was created as a live-performed soundtrack to the film Railrodder by Gerald Potterton, on the occasion of awarding him the special award of the Animator Festival in Poznań. The first performers, for whom the composition was written were the Kwartludium Ensemble.

The piece was commissioned by the 9. Animated Films Festival ”Animator” Estrada Poznańska.

PREMIERE: 07/14/2016; 9. Animator Festival, Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznań; performers: Kwartludium
10/28/2016; 19.Silesian Contemporary Music Days, PRNSO Chamber Hall; performers: Kwartludium
01/22/2017; 7. New Music Days; Żak Club, Gdańsk; performers: Kwartludium

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