Aleksander Nowak’s artistic output includes several dozen instrumental and vocal-instrumental compositions, including musical dramas, operas, song cycles, string quartets, symphonic, chamber, choral and solo pieces.


In recent years, the majority of his works were dramas and operas, written to original librettos or adapting contemporary prose, most often in close collaboration with writers, such as Georgi Gospodinov, Radek Rak, Olga Tokarczuk or Szczepan Twardoch.


The vocal and instrumental works focusing on the individual qualities of selected instruments and exploring various textures juxtaposing soloist and ensemble parts, often taking the form of quasi-concertos or sonatas, are also significant.


Information about the individual compositions along with excerpts from recordings and other materials can be found in the MUSIC section.

“Fryderyk” Award 2022; Syrena. Melodrama aeterna (Siren) in the category Album of the Year - Oratorio and Opera Music
“Fryderyk” Award 2021; ahat-ilī – Siostra bogów (Sister of the Gods) LINK in the category Album of the Year - Oratorio and Opera Music
Polish Composers’ Union Award 2021
“Coryphaeus” Award 2021 – Personality of the Year
O!lśnienia 2021 – Classical Music and Jazz; Drach. Dramma per musica
“Coryphaeus” Award 2020 – Event of the Year; debut of the work Drach. Dramma per musica during the Auksodrone Festival 2019
Polityka’s Passport – Classical Music 2018; ahat-ilī – Siostra bogów (Sister of the Gods)